What are the Basic Rules of Tae Kwon Do?

Tae Kwon Do is a very respectable form of martial arts that people all over the world take part in. This form of Martial Arts was originated in Korea and is now one of the most popular sports in the world. Like many other forms of Martial Arts and self-defense, Tae Kwon Do is also comprised of a belt system. Each new belt has a different course that you must master before progressing on to the next one. Each course consists of a number of movements including kicks, punches, throws, and strikes. The basics of Tae Kwon Do are as follows:


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The most basic Tae Kwon Do kicks include the Mae-giri (straight kick) and the Mahwashi-giri (roundhouse kick). There are more complex kicks and combination kicks that you learn later as you progress in the game.


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Stay in your fighting stance and thrust a punch straightforward in your opponent’s chest. This punch is known as the Zuki. This is the most basic punch that you should know in Tae Kwon Do and it teaches you how to punch with the force of your whole body and not just the arm.


There are a number of throws in Tae Kwon Do, the most basic one being the common shoulder throw. This throw also shows you how to use the strength of your entire body to throw someone using the support of your shoulders.


Like every other form of martial arts, the basic form and fighting stance is extremely important in Tae Kwon Do. When we perfect our form, we can perfectly change our stance from offensive to defensive and vice versa as the need be. It also becomes much easier to change your stance in accordance with the movements of your opponent.

A perfect form is what makes you a truly elegant Tae Kwon Do artist. Without the perfect form, your moves are just haphazard limbs flailing around.  


Sparring is the act of practicing your skills against an opponent in the field. Sparring is the best way to perfect your form. When you spar you learn how to defend yourself when the opponent is on the offensive and you also learn how to attack the opponent on your own. You are required to apply the techniques that you have learned when practicing your form.

Defense Tactics

We have mentioned self-defense a couple of times now, and it is one of the most basic aspects of Tae Kwon Do. You must learn how to use the attacker’s moves against him or her very tactfully.

Physical Strength Training

It is very crucial for you to be perfectly fit, physically when doing Tae Kwon Do. There will be a strict exercise regimen that you will need to follow daily, and also a good diet plan that will keep you fit. If you aren’t physically fit, it will be very difficult for you to perfect your form and move ahead from the basics.

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